We sell rare and blue cycads specializing in Encephalartos and Dioon species

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Benefits of Water Wise Cycads


  • We offer a wide selection of over 30 different types of cycad species. Cycads are water wise, xeric plants that are endangered in habitat.  They first appeared over 300 million years ago.  Cycads offer a perfect complement to a tropical palm tree garden or blend in seemlessly with a xeric, succulent garden. 

How to Purchase?


  • We are a California licensed nursery. There are many ways to purchase cycads from Ice Blue Cycads Nursery
  • 1) Purchase online through our website and have your cycads shipped to you. We are licensed to ship anywhere in the United States
  • 2) Contact us to set up a nursery appointment. We are located in San Diego count, California 
  • 3) Schedule a delivery in California for larger orders. Perfect for retailers or larger nurseries. 

How do I Choose the Correct Species?


  • Cycads have different cultural and environmental needs.  We can assist you to determine which cycads will survive and thrive in your environment.  We can also help you with tips if you'd like to zone push a particular cycad.  We specialize in seedlings but we also offer larger sizes as well.  Don't see the cycad you're looking for?  Contact us, we might still have it in stock.


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